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PhotoScanning made Easy for You!

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This area is dedicated to DigitalisE.

The new mini venture for myself Esther, and my Mum, Alison, to help you save your retro and vintage paper photographs, digitalising them into hard copies such as JPEGs or TIFFs, for modern day storage and sharing.

Have you ever had to scan a photo?

Or better yet, try and scan say 50 photos, it can take a while can't it! 

We are here to make life a little easier and save you oodles of time :)

Are you like our family, who has albums and boxes full of old photographs from past generations? Yes? Great!
Have you been wanting to scan and save them all, but never got round to it because you know the job is time consuming and not exactly the most thrilling?

Well if so, we are offering to scan your photos for you, making them digital copies, for you to easily store on your computer, a hard drive or USB for safekeeping. This will not only save the photos in the current condition they are in (ie. stop them from risking anymore fading from natural light, or degrading from age), but you can then share them with friends and family around the world with ease via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc, or even create your own online digital albums with many online companies and websites.


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in,

we have some introductory pricing below to start with,

and would love to hear from you!


Email us now for more details at:  


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